Monday, October 1, 2007

SAGADA TRAVEL On October 27-29, 2007


I know fellow librarians and other persons would like to see hanging coffins, dare to eat e-tag, shout at the Echo Valley of Sagada, join us as we travel north on windy winds and walk over rice paddies of Bangaan. We'll have bonfire at night and see how easy to touch the moon or do Yoga under the sun.

It is a promise of a wonderful trip with Roderick, joining us all our licensed guides with some of them, his former students. It would be ice-cold trekking down to the deepest hole of the cave - Sumag-ing. I reiterate: It is a wonderful trip to a place where I promise to retire 30 years from now.

For some backgound, FEE SPECIFICATION ; KNOWING AND LOVING SAGADA-MENSAPIT (TRAVEL STORY) ; PLACES TO VISIT ; SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES/ITINERAR Y click: http://sagadabackpa ckers.blogspot. com/ or send a message to: 09187318010

Source: email from Ramos Roderick

Pictures were taken from Sagada for viewing of those who are interested to join this nature tripping.


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