Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ways To Show Appreciation

There are numerous ways on how to show care, love and appreciation to your friends and love ones. Here are some ways to show appreciation. In our work environment as librarian, we can apply these little things but it will soothe our minds and soul.

1. Tell someone how sweet the scent of his/her perfume is.
2. Text an inspiring thought or message.
3. Compliment of his/her manner of dressing.
4. Send a card to someone even if there is no occasion.
5. If it rains, do not frown. It is a blessing from God.
6. Smiling is contagious, start spreading it.
7. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
8. Acknowledge the good points/qualities of a person.
9. Do favors for him.
10. Treat him for snack or lunch.
11. Always keep your promises.
12. Send flowers, chocolates or card.
13. Introduce him/her to your loved ones.
14. Learn to say “Thank you,” “Sorry,” and “Excuse me.”
15. Give a tap on his shoulder.
16. Give token as a remembrance.
17. Affirm yourself once a day.
18. Give credit for strengths that you see in others.
19. Praise small successes.
20. Be the first one to greet people who enter your office.

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