Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Librarians Licensure Examination (LLE)

The 2008 Librarians Licensure Examination will be held on November 11 & 12, 2008 in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Legaspi and Zamboanga. Deadline for submission of requirements is October 22, 2008.

PRC Requirements:
1. Original and photo/xerox copies of Transcript of Records with Special Order and Date of Graduation with SCANNED PICTURES AND WITH REMARKS “FOR BOARD EXAMINATION PURPOSES ONLY”. View Res.2004-200. .(Graduates of government schools and institutions/programs accredited by recognized accrediting agencies under the FAAP are exempted from SO [B]) . Graduates of New Schools/Degree/Programs must submit School Recognition and/or Permit to Operate.

2. Original and photo/xerox copy of NSO-issued of Birth Certificate (in NSO security paper; if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar)

3. Four (4) passport size colored pictures with complete name tag in white background

4. Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

5. Original and photo/xerox copies of NSO-issued Marriage Contract in NSO security paper (for married female only;if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar)

6. Other specific requirements as required by the Commission and/or the Professional Regulatory Board.

After Filing your Application

* Secure a copy of the Program of Examination from the Application Division or Customer Service Center. (This is FREE)
* Your school / building assignment will be posted one or two days before the first day of the examination.
* Visit your school/building assignment for environment and transport familiarization.

What to Bring on Examination Days?
* Notice of Admission
* Application Stub
* PRC Official Receipt
* Two or more pencils (No.2)
* Ballpens with BLACK INK ONLY
* One (1) piece Metered-Stamp Window Envelope
* One (1) piece Long Brown Envelope
* One (1) piece Long Transparent (non -colored) Plastic Envelope (to keep above items)

What to Wear on Examination Days

* MALE - white polo shirt or T-shirt (tucked-in)
* FEMALE – white blouse or T-shirt

General Instructions To Examinees

* Report to the Test Center before 6:30 a.m. on the first day of examination to verify your room and seat numbers.
* Late examinees will not be admitted.
* Attend to your personal needs before the start of examination in every subject. No examinee will be allowed to go out of the examination room while the examination is in progress.
* Always put your answer sheet on top of the armchair while taking the examination.
* Stop answering the test questions at the end of the time alloted for the subject. Arrange your test papers as follows:
1. Notice of Admission;
2. Answer Sheet; and
3. Test Questionnaire

* Do not leave the room until
1. your answer sheet and test question set are received by the room watchers,
2. you have signed, indicated the time and set ( A or B ) on the Examinees Record of Attendance, and
3. the lower portion of your Notice of Admission (Certification on the Receipt of Test Papers) is signed by the Room Watchers and returned to you.


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