Wednesday, March 5, 2008

PAARL Wiki by Fe Angela Verzosa

PAARLWiki is intended to be a hybrid book, not just a wiki,
presenting articles and case studies on Philippine
librarianship, Libraries in the Philippines, Library standards for
Philippine libraries, Outstanding Filipino Librarians,
Library Organizations in the Philippines, and related subjects. I
have invited Ms. Corazon Nera, Dr. Nora Claravall, Vernon Totanes, and
Rene Manlangit, to join the project as my collaborators, to edit
pages, upload files, and join in our discussions. I have already
uploaded some files and images, created links, etc. and I hope you'll
join us too by making suggestions, sending files and links to upload
and so on, making this a first ever Library 2.0 initiative of PAARL!

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