Monday, June 16, 2008

PATLS Updates During the 2008 General Assembly

The following information were based from the lecture/talk of Professor Corazon Nera and Vyva Aguirre during the General Assembly of the Philippine Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science:

A) Talking Points of Prof. Corazon M. Nera

1. R.A. No. 9246 Article II Section 12 Qualification of Applicants.

c) Graduate of Bachelor's degree in Library Science and Information Science: Provided. That a holder of a Master's degree in Library and Information Science shall be allowed to qualify for the application to the licensure examinations: Provided further, That within five (5) years from the effectivity of this Act holders of the following degrees shall also be allowed to qualify for application to the licensure examination: 1) Bachelor of Science in Education or Elementary Education; or Bachelor of Arts with a major or specialization in Library Science; 2) Master of Arts in Library Science or Library and Information Science; or 3) Any masteral degree with concentration in Library Science.

This means that only BLIS and MLIS graduates can take the librarians licensure examination by 2010. Thus, courses other than the mentioned courses have only two years (2008 and 2009) to take the board exam.

2. Technical Panel for Teacher Education 2008 / BLIS Appointees, Roles and Functions.

The following names were the proposed members for 2008 Technical Panel for Teacher Education - Library and Information Science: 1) Ms. Corazon M. Nera; 2) Ms. Elizabeth R. Peralejo; 3) Ms. Elnora Conti; 4) National Archive Representative; and 5) National Library Representative.

3. Revisions of BLIS Curriculum

The revision of the BLIS curriculum will be chaired by Ms. Elizabeth R. Peralejo. According to some experts, the curriculum is already obsolete therefore there is a need to revise.

4. PSG for the Graduate Program in Library and Information Science.

The PSG for the Graduate Program in LIS is being spearheaded by PATLS. There was a roundtable discussion with BFL Chair and members and some stakeholders in LIS education held last Sept. 12, 2007.

5. Center of Excellence / Development Criteria for Teacher Education.

Schools offering library and information science can apply as a Center of Excellence in LIS.

6. Table of Specifications per Board

The Board for Librarians were tasked by the Professional Regulation Commission to craft Table of Specifications per subject in the board exam.

7. BFL Research Activities for 2008

The Board for Librarians were also tasked to conduct research starting this year. Researchers or graduate students can do research in coordination with the BFL, they can also utilize the data in the PRC.

8. BFL Resolution on BSE, BSED Equivalency for the Licensure Examination

9. Schedule of Librarians Licensure Examination for 2008

The date of examination is November 11 & 12, 2008.

Test centers for the Librarians examination are: Baguio City, Cebu City, Davao City, Legaspi City, Manila and Zamboanga City provided that there are at least 100 examinees per center.

The deadline in filing of application is October 22, 2008.

10. Magna Carta for Librarians

There are experts and librarians who are working on the creation of Magna Carta for Librarians.

B) Lecture of Prof. Vyva Aguirre (2008 President of PATLS)

1. The 2008 PRC Outstanding Professional Librarian is Mrs. Lourdes David.

2. The PATLS officers are working on the possibility of publishing the LIS Modules. The officers conducted the forum on "Teaching Modules and Harmonizing the MLIS curriculum" held last Nov. 17, 2007.

3. Prof. Vyva Aguirre is proposing to change the present name of the Association.

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