Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is Library Hub?


“The library hub is not your regular library. It is actually a warehouse of all reading materials that pupils can bring to their classrooms and even take home,” said librarian Corazon Pates. “It is only a medium-sized library hub. There are bigger library hubs that can house more than 100,000 books. We expect more books to be donated so maybe after three years we can expand this building,” she added.

A one-story building with three classrooms had been renovated to give space to the dozens of shelves where the books are stacked in rows. Although not air-conditioned, the library hub looks like a commercial children’s bookstore.
Source: Rodriguez, Ma. Cecilia (Jan. 13, 2008) "Non-readers benefit from library hub." Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inquirer Mindanao.


Every Library Hub is a joint investment of the DepEd and the sponsor. The DepEd provides the storybooks from the general operations fund and a generous World Bank grant. An architectural design of the Library Hub (by Leandro V. Locsin & Associates), teacher-training, evaluation and monitoring round out the DepEd’s participation in the project.

The first Library Hubs were set up in Naga City and Davao and the most recent in Masbate. Consider that this project was just launched in the last quarter of 2003 by former Undersecretary Juan Miguel Luz at the Educators’ Congress.
Source: Cruz, Neni Sta. Romana (September 14, 2007). "How to build a library hub." Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Former education undersecretary Juan Miguel Luz began the Library Hub as a special—and seemingly impossible—project in 2005. The 70 Library Hubs sound like significant progress, albeit a painfully slow one considering that there are 184 school divisions and over 37,000 public elementary schools nationwide. But blessings need to be counted, for in an extraordinary turn of events, the project enjoys continuous robust support in Luz’s successor, a kindred reading advocate, Ted Sangil Jr., education undersecretary for finance and administration.
Source: Cruz, Neni Sta. Romana (August 9, 2008) "70 Library Hubs and still counting." Philippine Daily Inquirer.


The Department of Education is also doing something to improve the quality of education by means of providing more information resources for classroom purposes.

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