Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three Things for Daily Living

1. Three things to govern:
Temper, tongue and conduct.

2. Three things to cultivate:
Courage, affection and gentleness.

3. Three things to commend:
Thrift, industry and promptness.

4. Three things to despise:
Cruelty, arrogance and ingratitude.

5. Three things to wish for:
Health, friends and contentment.

6. Three things to admire:
Dignity, gracefulness and intellect.

7. Three things to give:
alms to the needy, comfort to the sick and
thanks to Almighty God.

Source: “Three Things for Daily Living.” In: My Travel Companion: A Prayer Book. Manila: Jesuit Philippine Province, 1999, p. 18.

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