Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Directory of Licensed Librarians, 2nd ed

Fellow librarian,

Finally after seven years in the making, the manuscript of the 2nd edition of the Directory of Licensed Librarians in the Philippines will be submitted to Rex Book Store, Inc. for printing by the first week of July. Kindly find time to send your complete entry by filling-up the form below. The 3rd edition will come out maybe after five years. Failure on your part to reply would mean an incomplete entry.

Surname, First Name Middle Name

License No. Registration Date

Complete address and zip code

Tel. No.
Fax No.
E-mail address
Home address and zip code

Tel. No.
Cel. No.
LS degree(s), school taken and year(s) finished/graduated

You may forward this directory form to other licensed librarians: officemates, librarian-friends and batchmates and send their entries to my email: Best regards and God bless.

R. Dante O. Perez

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