Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seminar-Workshop on RDA on April 24-27, 2013

#  419 Quirino  Highway, Quezon City

01 March 2013

Dear Colleague:

RDA or Resource Description and Access has replaced Anglo American Cataloging Rules as the international standard in cataloging/describing library resources.   The  Library  of  Congress  and  many  national  bibliographic  agencies, national libraries, and university/academic  libraries abroad have scheduled for full implementation  of  RDA  in  their  respective  libraries  in  2013.  While  RDA  has steered so much discussion and debate among librarians and information workers abroad, the library community in the Philippines seems not to have been affected by it at all.  Perhaps,  some librarians and information workers have heard about it but they are not so keen to pursue it because it has not been implemented yet.

IMSI considers this an opportune time for a seminar-workshop to steer Filipino librarians  to take a look  at this  new development  in organizing  resources  in the digital world. This seminar workshop, therefore, offers something that Filipino librarians can talk and think about so that when RDA is finally implemented they are ready for it.

It is therefore IMSI's great pleasure to invite you to this Seminar-Workshop on Resource Description and Access to be held on April 24-27, 2013 at Bicol University Auditorium, Legazpi City.

Seminar fee of Php 4,000.00 will be charged to cover accommodation (excluding breakfast and dinner), snacks and lunches,   kit hand-outs,   and   certificate   of   participation   for   live-in participants. Php 3,500 will be charged to live-out participants for snacks, lunches, kits, hand-outs and certificate of participation.

We enjoin participants to bring their laptops, if available. This will be used for the workshop.

Attached  please find  our  brochure-invitation  to  the  seminar-workshop.  A
memorandum from the Commission on Higher Education will be released shortly.

Thank you and we look forward to be with you at the seminar-workshop.

Very truly yours,
Chairman, IMSI

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